Groupe Renault, a learning company
Groupe Renault, a learning company Groupe Renault, a learning company

The first time Sara B. came to France,
was to join her class at the Renault Foundation

Groupe Renault, a learning company
Groupe Renault, a learning company
Groupe Renault, a learning company

When Sara B. got off the plane in August 2013, it was the first time she had ever been to France. Four years later, she is a proverbial fish in water in her open-space office at the Renault Technocentre.

Sara’s story began in Morocco. Born in Safi, she moved to Marrakesh to complete her high-school studies with the aim of joining one of the country’s oldest engineering schools, EMI, in Rabat. And Renault? “I was fascinated by the automotive sector, especially with the opening of Renault’s Tangier plant in Morocco. I wanted to do my end-of-studies internship there, but I wasn’t accepted.” But it was only a matter of time. In 2011, Sara’s elder sister joined the Renault Foundation to complete a Master’s in Transport and Sustainable Development. After graduating from EMI, Sara decided to apply herself, to do a Master’s in Mobility and Electric Vehicles. She came through the selection process successfully and entered the 2013 class, joining 15 other grant-holding students from nine different countries, in Paris. “First internship at Renault.”

“ I was 23. I was a bit afraid, having cut the umbilical cord, but the Foundation took complete care of us.”

First internship at Renault

What followed were sixteen intense months, ten of which spent at Paris Tech schools, the other six as an intern at a company. Sara’s internship was at Renault. “I realized during the internship that the Group empowers its employees at a very early stage. Though an intern, I was directly involved in the projects and asked to participate in meetings. That was when I knew I wanted to join Renault.” Sara graduated from her class in 2014. Renault was unable to offer her a position straight away, but she joined a consultancy office and worked for 18 months as a consultant for the Group. Then, in 2016, she joined the Technocentre, where she had completed her internship. “Today I work on innovative projects focused on the autonomous vehicle, more specifically in the development of control units for chassis systems. I work with passionate people and a business-line referent who loves to share his experience. After school, which was very theoretical at times, I am now in the real world, with customer requirements to be fulfilled and deadlines to be met! I meet challenges on a day-to-day basis.” Her initial experience at the Group was consistent with her impressions as an intern. The company has placed its trust in her. “I’ve already been on an assignment at Nissan in Japan, and in a few months I’ll be going back there, alone! I’ve also had the chance to meet Carlos Ghosn in person, taking part in a discussion with him and other students supported by the Foundation as part of a film shoot.” The occasion was yet further proof for Sara that young talents at Renault are not just welcomed but listened to.

Groupe Renault, a learning company Groupe Renault, a learning company

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The Renault Foundation is both educational and philanthropic. It supports new generations of talent by training them in tomorrow's professions. To celebrate its 15th year, the Foundation invited four students to talk with Carlos Ghosn about their careers and what they obtained from the training.

Prepare your future!

Groupe Renault, a learning company

5 programs for tomorrow’s professions

— MBA Management International
(Université Paris-Dauphine
IAE Sorbonne
Renault Foundation)

— Master’s in Transport and sustainable development
(École de Ponts ParisTech
Renault Foundation)

— Master’s in Mobility and electric vehicles
(Arts et métiers ParisTech
Renault Foundation)

— Master’s in Road safety management
(Saint Joseph University, Beirut, Lebanon
Renault Foundation)

— Professional Bachelor’s in electric Vehicles and electro-mobility
(IUT Mantes-la-Jolie
Renault Foundation)

“ Renault
has changed its
training model. ”

Introducing Frédéric Hébert,
Head of Digital Learning, Groupe Renault.

Renault’s transformation to a learning company a necessity?

Frédéric Hébert  —   As recently as a few years ago, the innovation cycles in the automotive industry were long cycles. Today, things are speeding up across all sectors, with new market entrants appearing and disappearing at a brisk pace. We are heading towards a world where you have to reinvent yourself constantly to remain on top. Learning companies will be able to empower employees in their own development by stimulating their curiosity and creativity and opening them up to other worlds.

What are the consequences for employees?

—   We cannot address future challenges simply by hiring “new blood”, even if this last is necessary for new business segments such as big data and digital technology. In the automotive sector, culture is transmitted and experience is truly valuable. The aim, then, is to upskill the greatest number of employees, old and new, and help them to develop in the company and make progress.


—   Training is no longer about spending a few days of the year in a course. It is a constant state of mind, the ability to integrate learning moments throughout the day. Digital tools are a fantastic means to that end, providing their content is worked and “marketed” to fully immerse trainees, obtain their buy in and involve all the Company’s populations. This is something that the new Renault portal, “Drive your Learning”, introduced in January, successfully achieves. It notably features “training capsules” that raise staff awareness on new developments that they may not be familiar with, such as the Plant 4.0 and new data storage and transmission technologies (the block chain). With short cycles, seasonal updates, three languages currently and soon many more, it is truly focused on users. And this is essential to its success.

Groupe Renault, a learning company Groupe Renault, a learning company

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Groupe Renault, a learning company


Groupe Renault, a learning company





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Renault 2016-2017 Report annual


Renault 2016-2017 Report annual