TreZor, Ushers in a New design Era

ushers in a new design era

TreZor, Ushers in a New design Era
TreZor, Ushers in a New design Era
TreZor, Ushers in a New design Era

At the immaculate open-space design center at the Technocentre – a blank page on which tomorrow’s vehicles are drawn – Anthony Lo, VP Exterior Design, told us how the brand continues to cultivate its difference as it initiates a new creative cycle.

Scenic marks the end of a cycle for Renault design?

Anthony Lo — Yes, and we are very proud of the work achieved. Renault’s design strategy is based on the life cycle, exploring the experiences of our customers as they fall in love, discover the world, create a family, work, enjoy leisure, and attain wisdom. The teams covered all these experiences over a six-year period and met the major challenge of entirely renewing the range through new vehicles or new generations of vehicles.

Does the TreZor concept car revealed at the 2016 Paris Motor Show initiate a new phase?

It is indeed a new beginning. TreZor celebrates what we have achieved and announces what we want to do next. What does TreZor express? That we want to continue developing a simple, to-the-point language. And that we want to go further in terms of details. We are initiating the new cycle with the theme of love. TreZor expresses a mature sensibility, a strong commitment. We have exaggerated some of the details such as the front-end signature. We have introduced new materials, including an unprecedented “faceted” carbon exterior. Vehicle entry and exit is also innovative. There are no conventional doors; it’s like getting into a sports car.

“ Our objective is to stand apart in terms of concepts and design. It would be risky for us to merely follow trends. ”

What next?

Our objective is to stand apart in terms of concepts and design. It would be risky for us to merely follow trends. For example, the Chinese market today is dominated by SUVs. Does that mean we should replace this vehicle generation with the same thing? I’m not so sure. SUVs are the latest thing but what will the next thing be? One of the keys to success is becoming more international, learning how to read the needs of our markets, observing so as to improve our concepts. The success of the Renault Samsung QM3 in the highly demanding South Korean market shows that this objective is within our reach.

How to foster creativity?

The Design team is staffed by people of 29 nationalities with diverse backgrounds. The recent reorganization of the Technocentre design centre in France will bring us closer together around a shared core, since our studios look over the workshop where we can constantly see the progress being made on prototypes and models. Renault is also one step ahead in term of imaging tools. Very early on in the process, we can visualize designs in 3D and share future concepts with our partner departments. This is vital to creating trust in the projects.

TreZor, Ushers in a New design Era TreZor, Ushers in a New design Era

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TreZor, a two-seater electric coupé, embodies the design renewal initiated in 2010 by the DeZir concept car. TreZor reflects the maturity of Renault design and this video reveals its key design features and characteristics, explained by Stéphane Janin, Till Breitfuss and Chris Vagg.


TreZor, Ushers in a New design Era

TreZor takes body design even further than DeZir

Exterior design draws on sports car cues, with no aggressiveness.

Perfect proportions. Architecture and optimal proportions form the basis of Renault design.

Astonishing exterior. Combining masculine and feminine attributes the carbon body is smooth and silky.

Since tomorrow’s cars will be autonomous, connected and electric,the cockpit, designed until now for driving, can now be rethought on the basis of new onboard activities.

The integration of connectivity and multimedia systems has opened up the design field. Concept cars are now designed in a cross-disciplinary fashion by the Design teams and those at Engineering.

By changing the driving and traveling experience of our customers, the advent of the connected vehicle sets new design challenges. The objective is to better integrate these new “control centers”, which now play a central role on the dashboard.

The Product offensive continues ...
we are giving groupe renault a long-term future

TreZor, Ushers in a New design Era

ZOE e-Sport Concept

100% electric and 100% sporty, ZOE e-Sport Concept is a combination of a Renault ZOE production model and a Renault e.dams Formula E single-seater.

Groupe Renault made several vehicle launches in 2016. The Renault range has been fully renewed and the Dacia range restyled.

Product reveals

New Captur

Europe’s best-selling urban crossover in 2016, Captur has been reinvented with even more distinctive styling and new in-car technologies.

New Koleos

Revealed in Beijing in April 2016 and already launched in some regions, New Koleos will be launched in Europe in June 2017


A pick-up with a one-tonne payload already sold in Latin America, Alaskan will be launched in Europe in late 2017.

Alpine A110

A new two-seater sports coupé that renews the timeless qualities of compact design, lightness and agility behind the success of the “Berlinette.”

Dacia Logan MCV Stepway

The Stepway family greets a new member: a modern, spacious and affordable station wagon with an adventuresome spirit.


Renault TreZor wins the “Most Beautiful Concept Car 2016” award at the International Automobile Festival.

Renault 2016-2017 Report annual


Renault 2016-2017 Report annual